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Fiber Optic and Micro Optics
PM Filter WDM
Polarization Beam Splitter
In-Line Polarizer
PM Circulator
PM Isolator
PM Faraday Rotator/ Optical Fiber Mirror
PM Patchcord
PM Fiber Collimator
High Power Isolator
PM Band Pass Filter
PM Dense WDM
Optical Attenuators SM and PM
In-Line Faraday Rotator
PM Filter Coupler
Singlemode Coupler/Splitter
SM Tree Coupler Module
Polarization Insensitive Isolator
High Power SM Isolator
Band Pass Filter
SM Filter WDM
Fiber Optic Isolator
Fiber Optic Circulator
Faraday Rotator/ Optical Fiber Mirror
Mating Adaptors

MM Large Core Patchcords
MM Patchcords POF
Customised Products/Spools
MM Isolator
Multimode Fiber Splitter
Optical Delay Line
Fiber Optic Components
AFW offers a complete line of fiber optic components mainly designed for optical network, telecommunication, laser, imaging and security applications. The following selection should help you locate the appropriate product for your fiber optic needs at a glance.
MM patchcords/POF
Optical attenuators
SM and PM
Patchcords/ Pigtails/Mating adaptors
Customised products
MM isolator
Multimode Fiber Splitter
PM Filter WDM
Polarization beam splitter
In-line polarizer
PM circulator
PM isolator
PM faraday rotator/optical fiber mirror
PM patchcord
High power PM isolator
PM band pass filter
PM dense WDM
In-line faraday rotator
PM filter coupler
Singlemode coupler/splitter
SM tree coupler module 1x4, 1x16
Polarization insensitive isolator
High power SM isolator
SM fuse WDM
Fiber optic circulator
Faraday rotator/ optical fibre mirror
SM filter WDM
Band pass filter
MM large core fiber patch cord
Optical Delay Line and Fiber Spools
Optical Delay Line and Fiber Spools